Family Love Fantasy | I Could Feel Her Breasts Against My Chest And Her Hips Pressing Against Mine

Family Love Fantasy | I Could Feel Her Breasts Against My Chest And Her Hips Pressing Against Mine

Sex Education | She Turned And Left The Room Giving Me Another Look At Her Magnificent Ass And Buttocks

When Caroline saw it was me, she smiled and gave little pleased laugh. She rushed out of the garden and ran up to where I was standing by the car. At almost a dead run, she ran into my arms, pushing me back against the car.

She put her arms around my neck and hugged me tightly. With her pushing me against the car, I could feel her breasts against my chest and her hips pressing against mine. My reaction was immediate--almost instantaneously my cock swelled and filled the front of my pants. I thought.

She pulled back and gave me light kiss on the lips. "Timothy, Timothy," she murmured, "you've finally come to give your lonesome little sister a visit. But just look at me! I wasn't expecting you until later, and here I am in my work clothes, covered with dirt and sweat."

"Caroline, you still look good, no matter what you wear," I said softly. I thought, noticing the way her nipples made little points in the front of her halter.

"Timothy, you're still just as sweet ever," she said, her face flushing slightly. "But let's not stand out here in this heat. Get your stuff and come on into the house where it's cool."

I opened the car trunk, lifted out my suitcases, and followed Caroline into the house. With her only a few steps ahead of me, I couldn't help but notice her shapely behind. Each buttock was firm and made little tick-tocking movements in her shorts as she walked. Her legs were tanned and had very good muscle tone. I decided that she must do a lot of gardening and other outdoor activities to keep herself in such good shape.

"You're going to use your old room," Caroline said. "I kept my old room and converted Mom and Dad's room to my writing studio. Come on, I'll help you unpack."

My room was much like I remembered it. A floor-to-ceiling window, big pine dresser, and a double bed. I put my suit- cases up on the bed and we took clothing out and put it in the dresser and closet. As I turned away from the closet, I noticed Caroline putting my Jockey shorts in the drawer. She was gently rubbing them, right across the front opening. Caroline saw me looking and a light blush flowed across her face. "Boy, your clothes sure got wrinkled in the suitcase, didn't they," she said with an embarrassed laugh.

After we got all the clothes unpacked and put away and the suitcases put in the closet, Caroline said, "Timothy, you must be tired after that long drive. Why don't you lie down and rest while I go take a shower to get rid of all my sweat and dirt." She turned and left the room, giving me another look at her magnificent ass and her buttocks making their see- sawing motion under the thin fabric of her shorts.

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