Family Love Fantasy | I Had Never Seen Caroline Nude; I Had Seen Her In Bathing Suit Down At Creek And Shorts

Family Love Fantasy | I Had Never Seen Caroline Nude; I Had Seen Her In Bathing Suit Down At Creek And Shorts

Beach Sex | Natural Shyness Prevented Us From Overt Sexual Exploration With Each Other

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My sister Caroline and I grew up on a farm in Indiana. Living out in the country was pretty much a dull and restricted sort of life for teenagers. Since we had to ride the school bus, we had no opportunity to participate in extracurricular school activities--it was off to school in the morning and back home right school was out.

This schedule cut down on our opportunities for dating, too, since it gave neither of us much chance to develop any kind of serious friendships or romantic relations with others our age.

This wasn't that much of a problem to me--I was shy around girls, and being tall and skinny without much in the way of redeeming good looks, I probably would have had a hard time getting dates anyway. Sis, though, was different.

She was pretty. Well, in fact, she was more than pretty, she was downright beautiful. Petite at five-foot-two and 100 pounds, with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a figure that could have easily gotten her elected to cheerleader, Caroline could have had almost any boy in school if she had the opportunity and set her mind to it.

Caroline and I never played "doctor" or "you-show-me-yours-and- I'll-show-you-mine" games. Oh, we sometimes talked about sex, but we never went beyond that point. Our parents were very strict, and discussion or mention of sexual subjects was a family taboo. That home atmosphere, together with a natural shyness we both seemed to have, prevented us from any type of overt sexual exploration with each other.

This is not to say I wasn't interested in sex, because I was. The truth was that I stayed horny most of the time. Since I had no opportunities to get rid of my horniness by dating and having sex with girls, I relieved myself by masturbation. Invariably, it was Caroline I fantasized about when beating off.

Even though I had never seen Caroline nude, I had seen her in a bathing suit down at the creek and in shorts and halter around the house, so I could develop good mental pictures of what a naked Caroline might look like. These pictures filled my mind as I played my solitary sexual games.

One day, though, when I was sixteen and Caroline fifteen, I decided the mental pictures were not enough--I wanted to see in real life what Caroline looked like without any clothes. Since Caroline never went around the house unclothed, I could do this only by peeking through the keyhole in the bathroom when she was taking a shower. One evening our parents were out in the barn when Caroline went into the bathroom and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity.

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