Barefoot Pedal Pushers | She Began Pumping With Her Foot Furiously And Again Rocking On My Cock All The Time

Barefoot Pedal Pushers | She Began Pumping With Her Foot Furiously And Again Rocking On My Cock All The Time

Teen Sex | Summer Is Best Time To See Cute Girls In String Bikinis With Convertibles Driving Barefooted

Her dainty foot, now on top of mine, tried to push on the gas but her thong had fallen at just the right angle to wedge against the back of the pedal and the floor.

So I kicked off my left sandal and fished behind the large, wide pedal for her shoe. I was straining and moving my hips to reach behind the throttle and that was bringing her close to coming.

I finally on a lunge got my toe looped through the thin straps of her thong and pulled it free. She reached forward and turned the key. She began pumping with her foot furiously, crushing my tender foot against the pedal again and again, rocking on my cock all the time.

Her toes began to mesh with mine from the force of her pounding foot, spreading my toes wide while her painted toes interwove with mine. I looked and saw the pattern of red nails alternating with my unpainted toes, peeking through from under her foot.

The nubs on the pedal were massaging the bare soles of my foot, sending chills up and down my spine. My foot crashed the pedal again and again as she extended her cute foot and pressed on my toes. I watched this pendulating action, feeling the pressure of her sole on my instep, and the raised nubs on the bottom of my foot.

My left leg involuntarily extended itself in the sensation, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. For what must have been thirty seconds, her foot pounded the gas to full throttle. She came and her right leg straightened and pinned my foot down on the pedal, holding the throttle wide open.

Her dainty foot, though little and beautiful, packed a wallop of pressure! I couldn't move. But my foot between hers and the gleaming silver pedal couldn't feel anything anyway as I began exploding inside her. But that did it. The rush of gas from the fully horizontal gas pedal revved the engine and she let go of the key. The engine started.

From then on, everytime I see a bare foot operating a pedal or engaging in other activity, I remember Val and our boat ride. (There's more to the story too!) And I get this massive hard on that wants release desperately.

As Dave Munroe said, a girl in a convertible driving on PCH with the top down barefoot makes me go wild! The beach during the summer is the best time to see these sights! Cute girls in string bikinis with convertibles driving barefooted! But isn't there a law against driving barefooted (at least in California, not that anyone can see you do it)?

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