Barbi & Bobby | Bobby Gulped As He Stare Under Her Shirt And Caught Soft Curve Of Her Under Breasts

Barbi & Bobby | Bobby Gulped As He Stare Under Her Shirt And Caught Soft Curve Of Her Under Breasts

Sexual Fetish | Amazed That In Spite Of Her Not Too Small Size Breasts She Needed No Artificial Support

Bobby was now glad for ONE important thing. That he had always thought that it was important that he always be in top physical shape.

After all, not only was he soon to go into the service in a few months but always being conscious of how he looked had always been an important factor in the way he felt.

There was also a third reason now why the 18 year old man appreciated being in top shape. For the past hour now, he had been riding his bike either along with, or behind his most recent girlfriends Barbi.

And in spite of his KNOWING that at any time he could easily outrace her, he was constantly suprised and highly pleased when the 18-year old girl continually proved that she could stay right up with him.

Like now, having ridden almost a mile up a steep hill, following close behind her to protect her from traffic, he was soon beginning to spend more and more time really 'noticing' her for the first time. At first she was merely hunched over the bike handlebars, and as Bobby pulled up beside her; he had an unusual feeling deep within his loins as he noticed how her costume fit her.

Consisting of a tiny cut-off T-Shirt, of a semi transparent material fluttering in the breeze, from his position slightly behind her, Bobby gulped as he noticed that he could stare into the deep gap under her shirt and caught the soft curve of her under breasts. Amazed to see that in spite of her not too small size breasts, that she needed NO artificial support.

From them back down her hard, flat tummy, he saw that her stomach was extremely flat, almost like a block of cement where he could see the only crease in her body, at her waist, almost hiding her tiny indented belly button and then the slight curve of her lower belly before it disappeared into the low cut hip band of her jogging shorts.

Like the material of her shirt, it was semi-transparent, and in fact at time he could see the bright sunlight through the thin material seeing parts of her body that really suprised him. Now, the MOST exotic feature of her totally overwhelmed Bobby, as the hot sun blazed down on their heavily sweating bodies.

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