s Barber | She Was Having Date With Boyfriend And Wanted To Look Good To Kindle An Old Flame

Barber | She Was Having Date With Boyfriend And Wanted To Look Good To Kindle An Old Flame

Sexual Enhancers | Woman Coming To Me For Years Made Request That Has Changed My Whole Business Outlook

I have struggled for some time to make a go of my hair salon because I really enjoy the work.

The clientele have always been young to middle-aged women who keep themselves up both physically and intellectually so most of them are a treat for my mind as well as my eyes when I'm doing their hair.

Most of the time I keep busy enough for me but not busy enough to afford any help. I guess that's why I still have a small shop.

A couple of weeks ago, however, a rather forward woman who has been coming to me for a couple of years made a request that has changed my whole business outlook.

I was just finishing up an elaborate wash and perm and I commented that she looked absolutely out of this world. I also asked what the occasion was. She told me that she was having a date with an old boyfriend and wanted to look as good as she could in the hopes that she might kindle an old flame.

Having said that, she got a funny look in her eye and asked me if I had ever trimmed a pussy. I tried to hide my surprise with a haughty, "Of course! I am a hairdresser." Well, to make a long story short, she and her roommate used to trim each other's pussy when she was going with him but now she lived alone and hadn't trimmed her cunt for some time.

My mind was racing as I thought of all the possibilities this could lead to. At the same time I was thinking of more practical problems such as what a person charges for such a service and how to do it so that another customer won't barge in during the session.

I did have an old adjustable reclining chair in the back that I use for taking naps between customer appointments. It was in good enough condition and could probably even be rigged so as to make trimming a crotch a little easier.

Fortunately, my fingers and hands were on automatic as I brushed out her perm. Announcing that I was finished, I asked Ms. Terry to adjourn to my backroom for the "final" trim. I boldly asked her to remove her shorts and panties so I could get started.

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