Bar None | She Was Then Forced To Keep Still With Cock Buried In Her Throat While The Men Talked To Each Other

Bar None | She Was Then Forced To Keep Still With Cock Buried In Her Throat While The Men Talked To Each Other

Sexual Appetite | When He Pulled His Cock Out He Told Her To Start Sucking And Then Fuck Her Face Anyway

The bartender quickly ran to the front door and locked it. Two men pulled her kicking and screaming body out of the booth.

They said she could fight and scream all she wanted but was still going to give that blow-job one way or the other! She went white from fear and begged the men to let her go.

She said she didn't have a lot of money, but they could have it all if they would leave her alone and let her go. The guy pulled his zipper down and laughed.


She was about to be gang raped. She had only two choices. Fight and hope to escape, or try to relax and hope they didn't seriously hurt her. When she saw the ten men gathered around her, she knew she'd better try to relax.

Suddenly, she was forced to kneel. The bartender got behind and grabbed her head so she couldn't move it. The man who made the bet stepped closer. When he pulled his cock out, he told her to start sucking and if she bit him, he'd knock her teeth out and then fuck her face anyway! The bartender shoved her forward. The man in front ground his soft dick against her face. When he was hardening, he pinched her nose to make her open her mouth.

She finally gasped for air and he pushed his semi-dick into her mouth. He stopped moving once her lips encircled his cock and let the man behind take over. The bartender yanked her head back and forth over the prick.

She was shoved and pulled, again and again, over and over. Her red lipstick smeared and coated the shaft of the dick that was between her lips. When the head of the cock hit the entrance to her throat, she gagged. The bartender kept pushing her head harder until the dick gouged past her tonsils. She was then forced to keep still, the cock buried in her throat, while the men talked to each other.

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