Bank Job | Temp Jobs That I Had Is One Of Most Exciting Sexual Experiences Of My Life

Bank Job | Temp Jobs That I Had Is One Of Most Exciting Sexual Experiences Of My Life

Hard Sex | I Been Stuck In The Mail Room Few Times And The Solitude Was Always A Bummer

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Chapter 1 : Bank Job - Temp Jobs That I Had Is One Of Most Exciting Sexual Experiences Of My Life

Bank Job - Table Of Content

My job working for a temp agency was a lot of fun while I had it. I was just out of college and looking for work in the film industry, and needed a way to get myself food and shelter--a couple of luxuries I had grown accustomed to over the years.

The temp job was good for a guy in my position--I often could pick my own hours, it never got boring (as I rarely stayed at any one place more than a couple of weeks) and it paid pretty well, especially since I usually got the higher paying word processing jobs.

I knew my way around computers and could do more with word processing programs than most folks who use them day in and day out. It was in one of these temp jobs that I had one of the most exciting sexual experiences of my life.

It was for the corporate offices of a bank in Manhattan (which shall go unnamed) who needed someone to help format data to put together a quarterly report. It seemed like a friendly enough place; I was taken through the outer offices to where I'd be working by the fellow who would be my supervisor. He explained that I'd have a workstation in a general office area, which was nice; I'd been stuck in the mail room a few times and the solitude was always a bummer.

As we walked into the computer area and he introduced me, I first noticed that all four of the workers in the area were women (which was not too unusual). They were all quite attractive. Vanessa, a tall blonde, seemed to be the oldest of them all (maybe all of 25 years old), and seemed to be the spiritual leader of the bunch.

Vicki was from Guyana, apparently of Indian decent; she seemed to be very outgoing. Michelle, a petite black girl, said hello with a squeaky, Butterfly McQueen-ish voice. The last of them was Sheryl, a small, pretty girl; I couldn't quite place her exotic looks at first--she looked like a dark-skinned oriental. Later I'd find that she was from the Phillipines, but that is of little consequence to the story now.

Table Of Content

1 Temp Jobs That I Had Is One Of Most Exciting Sexual Experiences Of My Life | 2 It Was Tough With The Way She Pressed Her Breasts Into My Upper Arm As I Typed | 3 She Sat In My Lap As I Showed Her How To Use Character Codes To Call Unusual Characters | 4 I Took Her Skirt And Planted Kiss Under Her Navel And Slowly Down Her Already Throbbing Clit | 5 She Put Her Arms Around Me Crushing Her Breasts Into My Chest And I Began My Descent To Heaven | 6 I Sucked Her Nipples At Same Time Causing Vicki To Throw Her Head Back In Ecstacy | 7 Hot Lips Around My Cock While Another Lush Mouth Nibbled And Licked At My Balls | 8 I Knelt Behind Sheryl And Placed My Cock-Head At Sheryl Wet Opening | 9 I Heard Vicki Soft Moans From Across Room Apparently She Was Pleasuring Herself | 10 Michelle Moans Plus Of My Cock Filling Her Asshole Had Brought Her To The Point Of No Return | 11 I Heard Vicki Unmistakable Quiet Moans Announce Arrival Of Her Self Induced Orgasm