Banger First Blood | She Begged Me To Fuck Her Now Take Her Virginity But I Wanted To Do It In Bed

Banger First Blood | She Begged Me To Fuck Her Now Take Her Virginity But I Wanted To Do It In Bed

Sex Woman | I Thrust One Last Time And I Grabbed Julia And We Fell To Floor Her Ass Grabbed My Cock

When we were done my foot was wet and I knew Julia was ready. I got up to clear the table and walked around behind Julia with the bottle of syrup in my hands and held high above her head and poured a stream of syrup over her firm pointed breasts.

She started to rubb it around her breasts I tossed the dishes in the sink breaking everything and laid Julia on the table and started licking the sweet neectar off her breasts.

Her nipples shot to attention as I nibbled on each one. I lapped all around her 30b cup tits sticking my tongue between them to get the syrup from there it was as if was trying to eat her alive. My cock by this time needed to be relieved and fast.

I could'nt of made it to the bed so I rolled Julia over on the table and slid her down so her feet touched the floor. I grabbed the syrup and poured it on my raging pecker and then I poured it on her ass. I pulled her cheecks apart a tried to enter her ass. It wouldnt go so I poured syrup on my fingers and worked one in all the while Julia begged me not to but did nothing to stop me.

I finaly worked one finger in and then another finally her ass relaxed and my two fingers slid in and out easily she begged me to fuck her now take her virginity but I wanted to do it in bed. I slowly put the hed of my cock against her back door and slid it in a inch she winced in pain. I left it their until her grip eased then I pushed farther.

Julia must have been sore from the last ass fucking I gave her. I was half way in and it felt great. Julia was crying but I had to be satisfied I rammed the rest of my cock home. I left it in all the way until Julia stopped crying. I took her breasts in my hands and teased at her nipples when I heard her moan with pleasure I started stroking my cock in and out of her ass real slow when she didn't cry out I picked up the speed.

I let go of her tits to get a better motion going. Julia joined in pushing her ass back with each of my forward thrusts. We picked up the tempo faster and faster until I felt the churning in my balls. I started slamming in harder with slow deliberate thrust. Julias ass slapped loudly against my stomach. Finaly I thrust one last hard time and I grabbed Julia and we fell to the floor her ass grabbed my cock.

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