Banger First Blood | She Continued To Suck Till My Cock Started To Go Soft In Her Mouth

Banger First Blood | She Continued To Suck Till My Cock Started To Go Soft In Her Mouth

Free Sex Picture | I Leaned Over And Gave Her Deep And Slow Tongue Trading Kiss

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Chapter 23 : Banger First Blood - She Continued To Suck Till My Cock Started To Go Soft In Her Mouth

Banger First Blood - Table Of Content

When she herd that she planted her lips around the end of my cock and started pumping and sucking like a forty year old toothless whore.

I shot a small wad after about five minutes of her action she drained every drop not even a speck of cum fell from her lips. She continued to suck till my cock started to go soft in her mouth.

She would not stop I had to pull her head away. I looked down at her and said the others would come looking for us if we took to long.

My cock was still semi-erect but I forced it in my suit and just as Michelle stood up and my cock was covered some dumb fuck of a sophomore came around the edge of the trees. He knew who Michelle was and asked her what she was doing out here.

Michelle wasnt in the "in crowd" I took Michelle by the arm and gave her a big kiss and said she was with me. I was no big shot either but got along with all the so called cool people and was invited to all the right parties. I knew that I was in the in crowd and Michelle was with me know so she was to. I told the little fuck to get out or suck my cock one or the other it didn't matter to me. He hesitated so I pulled my suit down and he took off.

We went down to the lake and all eyes were on Michelle most of the guys just stared at her tits while the girls whispered to eachother. Michelle sat down and enjoyed the sun I went over and talked to some of my guy friends. They wanted to know what I was doing with Michelle an overweight but cute girl. I told them Michelle did things to me that made the hair on my balls stand straight.

They all laughed and looked over at Michelle. I told them that those tits tasted as good as they looked. I looked around and several of the guys had a hardons. I told them to go jakeoff in the lake That Michelle was mine. I knew they wouldn't say anything to their girl friends because they told me what the did to them or maybe what they hoped the could do to them. I went back over and sat by Michelle.

She wanted to know what I told my friends and why they looked at her with leering grins on their faces. I told her that I told them to stop staring at your lovely body because you were with me and that is all. I leaned over and gave her a deep and slow tongue trading kiss. When we broke our kiss everyone was looking I just laughed.

Banger First Blood - Table Of Content