Bang Bang | He Replaces His Fingers With His Mouth On My Nipple Sucking And Pressing It Between His Tongue

Bang Bang | He Replaces His Fingers With His Mouth On My Nipple Sucking And Pressing It Between His Tongue

Oral Sex | He Grabs Both Breasts In His Hands And Shifts His Mouth To The Other Nipple

He breaks the kiss too soon, and leaves me gasping for air. Now he is rubbing my body with smooth, firm strokes. He rubs my shoulders, my arms, my sides, my belly.

He rubs my breasts, and this time when I arch toward him, he doesn't pull away. Instead, he holds them, kneads them. He grasps my nipples between his fingers, first lightly, but with increasing pressure.

A moan escapes my parted lips, but Timothy doesn't seem to mind; instead of a warning, he pinches my nipples firmly and tugs, and I am suddenly dizzy from the pleasure.

Forgetting my situation, I reach up to wrap my arms around him, but the strip of silk holds my hands tightly to the bar between the posts at the head of the bed. Straining against the bonds accentuates my frustration and longing, and I moan again.

Timothy continues pulling on my nipples, till they reach a point just short of pain, and my back is arched as far up as it will go. Once again, he breaks his hold too quickly, but before I have a chance to feel disappointed, he replaces his fingers with his mouth on my left nipple, sucking it in, pressing it between his tongue and teeth, rolling it around with his tongue.

My breath is quick and ragged now, as I strain towards him. He grabs both breasts in his hands, and shifts his mouth to the other nipple. Oooooh. It feel so good. And then he stops.

He pauses, just long enough for the frustration to register on my face, and then he resumes his broad hand strokes on my belly, and sliding down to my thighs. He draws his hands down the outside of my legs, to my feet.

He rubs each foot with his palms, with just enough firmness to avoid tickling me. He rubs each toe with his thumb and draws his fingers along my instep. Then he moves his hands back up my legs, on the inside this time. His broad, smooth hands stop inches before where my thighs meet.

No, don't stop, Timothy...keep going...up, up, please. But I don't have to say anything. He knows how badly I want him to touch me there, but instead he massages my thighs. Each stroke brings him a hairbreadth closer to my nether lips. I strain against the bands on my ankles, but they hold my legs apart, making me feel exposed and ready for his touch.

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