Bandit | I Know Difference Between Making Love And Being In Love And We Made Love For A Long Time

Bandit | I Know Difference Between Making Love And Being In Love And We Made Love For A Long Time

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"I have bad news for you, Benjamin," she sighed as her wide, purplish- pink nipples swelled and hardened under his expert fingers, "We ARE no different from rutting animals. The emotional baggage is just manufactured bullshit, and we ought to be recognize it as such...."

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"Okay, then," he said impishly, "Answer your own question: why did you have to fall in love with me?"

She grabbed his hands with hers, pulling them roughly away from her breasts. "Because I know the difference between making love and being in love, that's why! We made love for a long time, before I fell in love with you!"

"Oh, really?" He began to move his hips slowly, rubbing his penis against her labia. "I was in love with you from day one...."

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"Then you're an idiot," she moaned, "Because you didn't take the time to really learn what was worth loving in me, you just tacked it on as you went along, starting with the sex...mmmmm...."

"Maybe so," he admitted, returning to his nipple-play, "But we seem to have ended up okay, anyway...."

"This time," she insisted, biting her lip to keep her thoughts in order. "You got started with me the same way you got started with Samantha, or got into my pants, and then you decided you loved me. What the hell's going to happen when you start to think with your brain instead of your gonads, and make FRIENDS with a woman before you sleep with her?"

Benjamin stopped what he was doing, thinking hard for a moment. Then he grinned, that old Benjamin grin. "I'll probably get married," he laughed. "But for now, can we settle for a good, straightforward bye-bye fuck?"

"Mmmmm, yes, you asshole," Sara replied, reaching down and seizing his length firmly. "That'll...have to...doooooOOOOOOOO...." She lifted herself up slightly, stuffed the tip of his penis into her moist crevice, and sat.

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