Ball Lock | I Was In Bed Touching Your Hand And The Padlock In It That Went Around My Balls

Ball Lock | I Was In Bed Touching Your Hand And The Padlock In It That Went Around My Balls

Sex Chat | Girl In Front Was Staring At My Crotch Like Something Really Peculiar Was Happening There

We lay entwined and exhausted. I said "Mmmmmm. That was nice. I'm glad we sampled the vanilla."

You replied "It wasn't precisely vanilla, sir. After all, I'm still wearing your training collar. I don't really think being ordered to make love vanilla style is quite the same as making love vanilla style."

"Close enough. Sorry about the trouble finding me- I thought the con suite was an obvious place to look."

"That's o.k., lover. Good night."

"G'nighmumble" I drifted off, feeling the comforting sensation of you your fingers holding me gently around the genitals.

As time wore on, I occasionally drifted up into a half dreaming-half awake state, when your holding occasionally changed into fondling. With time I got used to it.

I dreamed I was standing in front of a classroom, answering questions about the homework, and my pants were too tight. I was too embarrassed to put my hands in my pants right there, but it was getting really uncomfortable and distracting me, and a girl in the front row was staring at my crotch like something really peculiar was happening there.

Finally, drifting into the almost awake state in which I can sometimes control my dreams, I decided to go stand facing the blackboard in the corner of the classroom, like I was peering at a diagram I had drawn, and just stick my right hand in my pants real quick and rearrange things.

My fingers encountered someone else's, and something else, and I was in bed, touching your hand and the padlock in it, that went around my balls. And I was coming awake real fast. My dick got even harder than it already had in my sleep, and my stomach clenched and fluttered with fear. "Oh shit" I thought.

"I wondered when you were going to wake up."

You were lying alongside me, speaking softly into my ear. I could see your face above mine by the light of the city coming in the hotel room window.

"It's been about five minutes."

1 I Was In Bed Touching Your Hand And The Padlock In It That Went Around My Balls | 2 Wriggled The Lock A Bit And Massaging My Balls With It And My Cock Twitched Up | 3 You Switched To Pulling Directly And Your Middle Finger Strayed Up To Base Of My Cock | 4 Rubbing Your Cunt Up And Down Against My Cock Giving It Stimulation To Make Me Want | 5 You Wiggled The Lock Gently And My Dick Started To Swell Again Just A Bit | 6 You Rubbed Base Af My Cock A Bit While Rocking Lock And Nibbled On My Ear | 7 Ball Lock. I Carefully Rotated The Lock About My Balls So The Keyhole Pointed Up | 8 Fucking My Face Followed By Screwing With Me Lying On Top Of You With Lock Off | 9 I Wonder What She Say If She Knew You Had My Lock On Your Balls | 10 After I Did Lot More Begging With Some Of It Naked And Said She Hoing To Release Me