Backside Love | I Shall Never Forget Unbelievable Feeling Of My Asshole Contracting Around Her Tongue

Backside Love | I Shall Never Forget Unbelievable Feeling Of My Asshole Contracting Around Her Tongue

Sex Dating | Trinity Panties Were Caught In Her Crotch Offering Me Nice Look At Outline Of Her Cuntal Crack

She was insatiable once more, unrelenting in her desire to feed her tongue into my greedy asshole. I knew the exquisite pleasures she was giving me, from front and back, would soon take their toll, and it did. "Trinity! I'm going to come!" I cried.

Instead of relaxing, she pumped my cock faster and drove her tongue further into me than I would have thought possible. I shall never forget the unbelievable feeling of my asshole contracting around her tongue as I came in torrents, spilling my sperm on the linoleum floor below. Having spent, I literally dropped to the floor in a tired heap, completely exhausted.

Trinity excused herself and went to the bathroom, where she cleaned up and returned. She had taken the time to fix herself up, straightening out her sweater, refastening her bra, and pulling her skirt back into place. I started to get up, but she knelt beside me for a briefly and whispered in my ear, "You're not done yet." Her breath smelled of mouthwash.

I turned over on my back, wearing only my shirt, my cock at half- staff. She smiled as she cradled my head in her right arm. "I'm not done yet," I repeated, my face turning quizzical.

"Don't you have something for me?" she whispered.

"Like what?"

"Oh, I don't know." She gently eased my head to the floor and stood up. From my prone position, I had a worms-eye view of the world, and that world included a perfect look right up her blue denim skirt, all the way to the white-pantied crotch. Not satisfied that I could see all that she was willing to show me, she shifted her legs to either side of my head, straddling it,improving my vantage. The picture was delightful!

"I like the view from here," I said.

Looking down at me, she smiled, wickedly. "I'll bet you do. Most men would give their left testicle to be where you are." Her hands were on her hips. She was queen of the mountain. Was I her willing slave?

"Why am I getting the view for free? Do I have to give up my testicle?" Trinity's panties were caught in her crotch, offering me a nice look at the outline of her cuntal crack.

"It's not for free, you'll have to pay for it, but I need your balls for other things."

"I'm broke. I can't pay for it."

"You don't need money--just stick out your tongue." I played her silly game, sticking my tongue out.

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