Backside Love | Trinity Reached Around To My Front And Grasped My Cock And Slowly Stroking It

Backside Love | Trinity Reached Around To My Front And Grasped My Cock And Slowly Stroking It

Ebony Sex | Dual Sensation Of Hand Job And Anal Kiss Was Pleasurable A Time I Had Had Sexually In Many Years

I opened my legs a bit more, for balance, then bent at the waist and moved my hands to my backside. She had never seen my most private area, nor had she expressed any interest in it, at least up until now. I felt funny, prying my ass cheeks apart, exposing my anus to her.

"Hold still," she whispered, then moved her head forward and began kissing, ever so softly, the inside of the splayed crack of my ass, being careful to avoid, at least for the present, the puckered ring so near her lips.

She used her tongue to lick the entire length of my crack, back and forth, perhaps a dozen or more times, each time stopping just short of the anus. She seemed to be working up the nerve to do something she had never done before (though Jennifer had already done it to her).

Her tonguing of my ass crack would have been enough if she had lost her nerve. I could have turned and pulled her up to me, pulled her panties down, and stuck it to her.

That alone would have been most enjoyable. I had almost given up on a rim job when Trinity reached around to my front and grasped my cock, slowly stroking it. Almost simultaneously, she pursed her lips and surrounded my anus with them. I moaned loudly. The feeling was stupendous!

At first, she merely kissed the puckered opening, building up more of her nerve with each passing moment. My continuous moans told her I was really enjoying her work. The dual sensation of a hand job and an anal kiss was as pleasurable a time I had had sexually in many years. I didn't want it to ever stop. But the best was yet to come!

Trinity's tongue moved out of her mouth slowly, almost imperceptibly. It took me several seconds to realize that the tip of her tongue was actually tickling my anus. Her movements were subtle, calculated to increase my pleasure by the tiniest of degrees. Had she just plunged her tongue into me, the sensations wouldn't have been so agonizingly wonderful. What she was doing was leading me, in her own way, millimeter by millimeter, into an ecstasy I had never known.

Then she did another thing that no woman had ever done to me until now--she actually sucked my anus into her mouth! "AHHHHHHHH!" I cried out. The feeling was exquisite, exquisite beyond any words I can use to describe it. I know she had never done this to anyone, yet the pleasures she was giving me paled before everything else that had ever happened to me sexually.

When she began to slowly work the tip of tongue into the center of my anal opening, to begin the actual rimming of my asshole, I thought I would faint from the sheer enjoyment of it. I could actually feel my ring expanding as her tongue went deeper and deeper into me.

Women had tried to do similar things to me in the past, but none came close to Trinity was doing to me now. Not satisfied with having penetrated me, she soon began pistoning her tongue in and out of my anus with varying rhythms and speeds. I derived the greatest pleasure when she kind of wiggled her tongue as it moved forward into my lower rectum.

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