Backside Love | I Gently Kneaded Her Skirt-Covered Abdomen Pressing Lightly Just Above Her Pubis

Backside Love | I Gently Kneaded Her Skirt-Covered Abdomen Pressing Lightly Just Above Her Pubis

Sex DVD | I Bit The Nubbin Lightly Through Bra Cup Causing Trinity To Moan Softly

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Chapter 16 : Backside Love - I Gently Kneaded Her Skirt-Covered Abdomen Pressing Lightly Just Above Her Pubis

Backside Love - Table Of Content

The very next afternoon Trinity was washing her hands at the kitchen sink when I came up behind her and pressed myself into her rear, putting my hands up underneath her sweater, feeling and gently squeezing her breasts through the thin cotton bra.

"You're getting me started again," she said.

"Mm-mm," I mumbled into her hair. I could feel my cock beginning to grow between her ass cheeks. I knew she could feel it, too.

Turning around then, she put her arms around my neck, our mouths found each other, and we pressed our bodies together, tightly. It was as close as we could get without actually fucking. I reached down through our meshed bodies and gently kneaded her skirt-covered abdomen, pressing lightly just above her pubis.

"Don't you think the others will miss us?" she husked, moving her pelvis slightly against my roving fingertips.

"Let them find something nice to do. I've already found it."

"I guess you have," she whispered sexily, frenching me with her tongue and bringing her hand to the back of my neck, gently scratching me there with her fingernails as I boldly moved my fingers lower and cupped her pubis through the blue denim skirt.

"That's nice," she sighed, breaking kiss and moving her cheek next to mine, gaining access to my super-sensitive ears. She took the opportunity to blow soft, warm air into my left ear, sending chills all over my body.

"Blow in my ear and...."

"And you'll fuck my brains out," she interrupted.

"That's a promise," I said.

"I'll hold you to it," she whispered, breathing her words against my ear.

Her buttocks were pressed tightly against the counter. Her legs were opened as wide as the somewhat tight denim would allow. When the tip of her tongue found ear canal to its liking, I nearly busted my gourd.

I moved both of my hands to the bottom of her sweater which lay loosely around her waist and, in one quick motion, pulled the soft wool over her girlish breasts, exposing the plain white cotton bra. She was never one for really fancy underthings. Someday I would teach her how to dress sexily underneath her dignified exterior.

"Aren't you going to take it all the way off," she asked, somewhat surprised that I left the sweater bunched beneath her armpits.

"When I'm ready," I replied, lowering my head to her chest and planting my lips right in the center of the right cup of her bra. The nipple beneath the thin garment was already turgid. I bit the nubbin lightly, through the bra cup, causing Trinity to moan softly.

Backside Love - Table Of Content