Backside Love | She Reached Between Her Legs And Took My Cock In Her Hand Guiding It

Backside Love | She Reached Between Her Legs And Took My Cock In Her Hand Guiding It

Hard Sex | I Reached Her Small Girlish Breasts And Feeling Her Nipples Slowly Gain Erection

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Chapter 1 : Backside Love - She Reached Between Her Legs And Took My Cock In Her Hand Guiding It

Backside Love - Table Of Content

I had known Trinity for only a few months. She was pretty by anyone's standards, with nice legs, a firm behind, and somewhat small breasts (I believe bite-sized is the term they are commonly called) with bigger than average nipples.

We didn't make it until our fourth or fifth date, and I can't say that the sex was spectacular. Don't get me wrong, it was good, but until we went to a hunting lodge one weekend with Joan and Henry, two close friends, our sexual adventures were quite ordinary.

We all went to bed early on the first night at the lodge, feeling somewhat exhausted by the long trip and our hike into the woods. Since Trinity always slept without clothes on, she turned off the light and slipped under the covers, snuggling up next to me. We couldn't do anything because Joan and Henry were sleeping right across from us.

At about 11:00 p.m., Trinity arose from our bed and went downstairs. A while later I also got up and found her in the living room, where she was lying on the couch, on her side, still completely naked, facing the back of the sofa, in the familiar fetal position.

She appeared to be asleep. I slinked onto the sofa behind her and discovered, by her gentle stirring, that she was still awake. Not knowing what she was thinking, or feeling, I turned on my side, so that my chest was pressed against her back, spoon-like, and cradled her body against mine.

I reached around her to cup her small, almost girlish breasts in my hands, stroking and kneading them and feeling her nipples slowly gain erection. I moved my left hand down to her groin, pressing into the soft, curly hairs, and began stroking there too.

She responded by pushing her ass back against me, parting her legs in the process, leaving her left leg raised, lazily resting on my hip. Then, in her assertive way, she reached between her legs and took my cock in her hand, guiding it to, but not into, her. Still behind her, almost passive, my half-erect cock was between her legs, and she was rubbing it in a slow, circular motion against her clitoris.

When I changed my position slightly in an obvious effort to slide myself into her, she pushed the shaft back, then whispered, "Uh- uh. Not there; I want you here, in my ass." So saying, she placed the head of my cock right in the middle of her anus, then rubbed it back and forth across the diminutive opening. At first, I thought she was teasing me.

"Are you serious?" I asked, somewhat incredulously. We had never done that before, and I remember wondering if this was something about Trinity's sexuality that I hadn't known.

"Just do it. I want to feel your cock inside my ass," she said softly. She rubbed the cockhead a few more times against her nether opening. "Mmm, Bryan, I want it deep inside my ass."

Table Of Content

1 She Reached Between Her Legs And Took My Cock In Her Hand Guiding It | 2 I Squeezed Her Breasts Hard Against Her Chest As I Softly Kissed The Nape Of Her Neck | 3 I Took Her Turgid Nipples Between Thumbs And Forefingers Of Each Of My Hands And Squeezed | 4 She Slipped Her Hand Between Our Clasped Bodies And Quickly Located My Semi-Erect Penis | 5 She Slowly Masturbating My Cock Squeezing With Up And Down Movements Of Her Hand | 6 It Is Such A Different Filling Sensation To Have Something In Your Ass | 7 My Eyes Darted From Jennifer Full Hanging Breasts With Thick Brown Nipples | 8 She Planted Soft Kiss On Her Buttock While She Sensuously Ran Her Fingernails Over Trinity Ass | 9 I Had Nice View Of Jennifer Light- Haired Pubic Area Which She Didnt Seem To Mind | 10 She Was Getting Spanked By Woman With Legs Spread Wide Exposing Inside Of Her Sex | 11 Jennifer Breasts Shook Like Jelly As The Blow Landed | 12 She Ran The Index Fingers Of Her Hands Along Each Side Of Exposed Pussy Lips | 13 Jennifer Used Her Hands To Pry Lower Ass Cheeks And Drove Her Head Between Splayed Globes | 14 Her Body Shake With Her Orgasm As Ecstasy Spiraled From Her Loins Throughout Her Spasming Body | 15 I Cupped Her Breast Gently Moving My Thumb Lightly Over Nipple That Had Never Been So Hard | 16 I Gently Kneaded Her Skirt-Covered Abdomen Pressing Lightly Just Above Her Pubis | 17 I Continued Sucking On Her Elongated Nipple For Several More Delicious Moments | 18 Deliriously Wonderful Smell Of Her Sex Began To Moisten The Plain White Silky Undies | 19 I Could Pull Your Panty Crotch To The Side And Fill You With My Cock | 20 I Love To See Your Beautiful Cock; She Moved Her Fingers To My Belt Buckle And Deftly Undid It | 21 She Grasped Middle Of Shaft In Palm Of Her Right Hand And Squeezed My Cock | 22 She Took His Cock Out Of Her Mouth And Sucking It Softly Into Her Mouth | 23 Trinity Reached Around To My Front And Grasped My Cock And Slowly Stroking It | 24 I Shall Never Forget Unbelievable Feeling Of My Asshole Contracting Around Her Tongue | 25 My Hand Stroking My Erect Penis Was Catalyst For More Sex And My Tongue Was The Bait | 26 Entrance To Her Moisture-Laden Vagina Was Wide-Open And I Continued Stroking My Tumescent Cock | 27 Trinity Knew How Much I Adored Her Bite-Sized Breasts And Super-Sensitive Nipples | 28 I Admired Fullness Of Her Pubic Region And How Her Mons Veris Fill Her Panties So Completely | 29 Poke Your Buns Out More And Open Your Legs Just Little Trinity; Your Ass Is Exquisite | 30 I Thought Was Fairly Good Whack With Leather Belt Right Across Center Of Her Ass | 31 Her Ass Rippled Like Crazy And She Brought Palms Of Her Hands To Glowing Fire At Her Backside | 32 Trinity Pulled Phallus Toward Her Gaping Pussy And Centered It Beneath Her Vagina | 33 I Am Opening It For Your Beautiful Cock; It Is Hungry For You Inside There | 34 I Remained Unmoving As She Work Her Impaled Ass Over My Cock Up And Down And From Side To Side | 35 She Worked Her Nibbling Asshole Around Me And Slowly Piston Herself Upon My Engorged Cock

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