Back To Work | Emily  Realized She And Gabriel Hadnt Had Sex For Several Months

Back To Work | Emily Realized She And Gabriel Hadnt Had Sex For Several Months

Gay Sex | To Rachel Great Disappointment He Seemed To Have Lost Interest In Sex With Her

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Chapter 1 : Back To Work - Emily Realized She And Gabriel Hadnt Had Sex For Several Months

Back To Work - Table Of Content

Emily and Gabriel had been "happily" married for some 16 years. Things had gone quite well for them in most departments. They enjoyed doing just about everything together. In the beginning it all was good, especially the sex.

Emily had been a virgin when she first started dating Gabriel. She had relinquished that in the back seat of his car on one sweet night when she was 17. After that night she couldn't get enough of a lot of things with Gabriel, especially sex.

They had been married when Emily was 19 and Gabriel 21. Emily had gotten pregnant within a month of their wedding. Three kids had come in rapid succession, one each year. Then Emily had her tubes tied, three was enough.

The kids seem to demand all of her attention for the next few years and then one day shortly after Zoe's 15th birthday, she realized she and Gabriel hadn't had sex for several months. She wasn't really sure how many. That day she took a long look at herself in the full length mirror and decided if she were Gabriel she wouldn't want to have sex with that women either.

Her "renovation" as she called it started immediately and within a year she was the same size she was when they married (38-23-35), gorgeous with long red hair and beautiful green eyes.

She and Zoe looked a lot alike. Zoe at 15 was a young copy of her Mom and Emily used Zoe as her model in her "renovation". She knew she was getting close when she could wear Zoe's clothes. Not that she would want to. They were pretty funky for Emily.

Then one day as she was working out in a skin tight exercise outfit her 14 year old son, Steven, had whistled at her and said, "Wow Mom you are really getting to be a babe". Emily glowed within and gave her son a big hug of appreciation. Even their youngest daughter Rachel, at 13, had commented how "Fab" her Mom was looking. "I hope I look like you someday soon Mom, maybe then the boys will notice me." Rachel already had a great little body. Only her boobs hadn't quite gotten to the size of Zoe's or her Mom's. It was only by comparison that Rachel was a little behind.

Everyone noticed the new Emily but Gabriel. To Rachel's great disappointment he seemed to have lost interest in sex, certainly in sex with her. He was almost totally wrapped up in work and sports. He had gotten in the habit of falling asleep on the couch most nights. Then waking up just long enough to fall in bed and sleep again. Emily figured it was either that he was screwing his sweet young secretary or that she was boring or both. Her only exposure to life these days was as a Mom and a housewife. Not too exciting she had to admit.

Table Of Content

1 Emily Realized She And Gabriel Hadnt Had Sex For Several Months | 2 It Wasnt Long After That Emily Started Fantasizing About Sex With Jack | 3 My Wife Lost Interest In Sex When Our Only Child Was Born | 4 To A Lot Of Them That Means Fucking Some Other Guy As Soon As Possible | 5 Emily Was Hunching Her Hot Cunt Against His Hard Cock And It Felt So Good To Her | 6 Emily Was So Horny And Her Pussy Actually Dripped Soaking Her Panties | 7 I Want You To Be Naked And Ready To Fuck When You Walk In The Door | 8 Jack Fucked One Of His Clients And She Loved The Way It Made Her Feel | 9 Jack Raised Her Leg Up And Emily Felt His Hard Cock Slide All The Way Into Her Wet Pussy | 10 Steven Knelt Between Cindy Wide Spread Legs Humping Her Hot Pussy | 11 Emily Looked At Her Beautiful Daughter Zoe Raised Her Skirt And Emily Saw She Wore No Panties | 12 Emily Lay Under Jack With His Cock Still Deep In Her Pussy | 13 Would You Like To Fuck My Male Clients. They Would Love You. We Could Have A Sex Party | 14 I Am Going To Show You How Nice It Feels When Male Or Female Touches Your Pussy | 15 Jack Fucked Me In Basement Just Before We Came Into Your Room And Later In My Bed | 16 I Plan To Fuck Your Brother Tonight And I Loved The Look Of His Cock In Cindy | 17 How Much Will It Take Before Steven Gets The Idea His Mom Wants To Fuck Him | 18 I Liked Watching You Fuck Cindy And You Could Also Touch Me If You Wanted To | 19 I Think Fucking Is Great And Expect You To Fuck Lot Of Girls Especially Me