Baby Sitting Enhance Sex Life | Daniel Fingers Rammed My Cunt And His Tongue Reached Into My Pulsing Rectum

Baby Sitting Enhance Sex Life | Daniel Fingers Rammed My Cunt And His Tongue Reached Into My Pulsing Rectum

Sex Offender | Daniel Lick And Suck My Cunt And Clit As He Probed My Anus With His Long Finger

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Chapter 2 : Baby Sitting Enhance Sex Life - Daniel Fingers Rammed My Cunt And His Tongue Reached Into My Pulsing Rectum

Baby Sitting Enhance Sex Life - Table Of Content

"Let's get in the back seat, Grace," he whispered.

"I want to eat your pussy." the minute we got into the backseat, he pulled me up and buried his face between my legs.

Daniel was a pro at cunt licking and brought me off twice in rapid succession making me cover his face and chin with my slick cunt juice.

Daniel then proceeded to tongue fuck my hot little asshole it was the first time anyone had ever done this for me and the feeling of his hot tongue probing my anus really got to me. I climaxed just as Daniel's fingers rammed up my cunt and his tongue reached into the depths of my pulsing rectum.

When it was over, I saw that he had somehow slipped his cock out of his pants, and he shoved it right up my sopping cunt. I pulled away warning Daniel that I had no protection and then offered to suck him off again. Daniel was a bit disappointed and told me he really need to pound his hot cock up something tight and young.

Seeing his enraged cock pulsing in my hand I offered to let him fuck my asshole if he would be gentle as I had never done that before. Daniel was delighted and proceeded to inch his hot prick up my asshole. After some initial pain I managed to take his full 9 inches up my virgin asshole and Daniel began to pump my ass frantically making me cum twice before he filled my tight asshole with his jism.

A week later my mother told me that Daniel and Samantha wanted me to baby-sit for them again. I could hardly wait and remembered to put in my diaphragm before I left. When Daniel picked me up, he told me that they really didn't want me to baby-sit; they wanted me to see their pornographic movies. maybe, he added, all three of us could have some fun again. Daniel drove the car into the garage and asked me whether he could give my pussy a few licks before we got into the house.

I pulled up my skirt and took off my panties, Daniel went right to work and I climaxed quickly as I felt his tongue go up inside of my hot pussy. When I started to climax again, he said that we better go into the house before he shot his load in his pants. When we got inside, Samantha put her arms around me and said that she was sure that we would have fun.

Her hands moved up and down and soon Samantha had her right hand under my skirt and was rubbing my still drenched pussy as her left hand caressed my breast and she pinched and rolled my erect nipples. Seeing that things were progressing well Daniel suggested he strip both of us and then we could strip him in preparation for our movie session. Both Samantha and I agreed and I was elected to go first.

Daniel quickly stripped me removing my blouse and bra exposing my erect pink nipples and small firm tits. Daniel stopped to suck and lick my tits as he worked his other hand under my skirt and fingered my drenched cunt. Samantha prodded him to finish his work and Daniel unzipped my skirt and pulled it up over my head exposing my dripping pussy which he was quick to fill with his fingers as he pulled back my cunt lips and began to tongue my stiff clit.

Daniel continued to lick and suck my cunt and clit as he probed my anus with his long fingers. Daniell this attention was too much and I began to climax letting my juice wet Daniel's face and tongue. Looking over at Samantha I could tell she was enjoying the show as she had her skirt hiked up and her blouse open and was finger fucking her shaved pink pussy while she twisted her nipples and squeezed her big firm tits.

Baby Sitting Enhance Sex Life - Table Of Content