Baby Sitter Diary | Made Sure That All Of Men I Went To Bed With Used Those Latex Condoms

Baby Sitter Diary | Made Sure That All Of Men I Went To Bed With Used Those Latex Condoms

Anime Sex | Naked I Sat Back Down On The Couch And Fingered My Pussy

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Chapter 1 : Baby Sitter Diary - Made Sure That All Of Men I Went To Bed With Used Those Latex Condoms

Baby Sitter Diary - Table Of Content

There was nothing on TV but the news, and it was boring. I turned it off and went to check on Leanne. She was tucked into her crib and was fast asleep. I sat on the bed and looked at her.

She was such a cute little girl. Her mother, Jessica, needed me to babysit last night because she was going to a special meeting they were having at her work and she couldn't miss it.

Jessica was a nice, friendly person, a 32 year old single mother. She had gotten pregnant on a one night stand and just had Leanne 7 months ago. I had 11 years before I hit 32 and I hoped that I would be married in a few years.

I am of the belief that you should be married before you get pregnant, and made sure that all of the men I went to bed with used those latex condoms. I had no intention of becoming pregnant whatsoever. Not only that, I still lived at home and my parents would kill me.

Jessica was our neighbour next door. We had known each other for about 3 years, and I had babysat for her a few times. She was blond, about 5'8, well built and big boned. Not chubby or plump at all, just hefty. I am 5'3, very short brown hair, slim, with small breasts. I wish I was as endowed as Jessica.

My boredome and curiosity got the better of me and contrary to my own caution not to, I opened her dresser draws and looked through them. Just curiousty, mind you. I knew it was wrong. In the top drawer were her shirts and sweaters, which I felt and admired.

They were high quality and very expensive. I opened the second drawer and saw that it contained all of her underthings. I ran my hand through her bras and panties and felt a strange stirring in my stomach. I pulled out one pair and held it. It was soft white cotton. For no reason I held the item up to my face and rubbed the crotch against my nose. I regained myself and gave myself shit. What I was doing was wrong.

I quickly replaced the panties and pushed them under her bras. My hand hit something hard and I grabbed it and took it out. It was a video cassette. It had no lable on it so I didn't know what it was about. I decided to see what it was and walked back into the living room and popped it into the player.

I sat on the couch and waited to see what movie it was. I was shocked when I saw two naked women sitting up in bed, sharing a joint. I was about to get up and turn it off when suddenly they started to neck. I sat back down to watch it and got mildly interested. Quickly they bagan to feel each other up, squeezing each other's tits and fingering each other's cunts.

As I watched them do this I realized that I was rubbing myself through my jeans. Being wet, alone, and knowing that Jessica wouldn't be home for about an hour, I decided to watch it and enjoy it. I stood up and took off all my clothes. Naked, I sat back down on the couch and fingered my pussy.

Table Of Content

1 Made Sure That All Of Men I Went To Bed With Used Those Latex Condoms | 2 Girl Ran Her Tongue Down From Other Girl Tits And Was Now Licking Her Pussy | 3 I Freaked Out When I Saw Her Sitting There Naked With Her Legs Spread