Fingering Girl | Stimulating Vagina Or Anus Of Sex Partner Using One's Fingers

Fingering Girl | Stimulating Vagina Or Anus Of Sex Partner Using One's Fingers

Fingering Pussy | Men & Women Use Fingering During Mutual Masturbation Session

Fingering is the practice of stimulating the vagina or anus of a sex partner using one's fingers. Now that we have the textbook definition down, let's see what else there is to know about fingering.

First and foremost, fingering is not a strictly homosexual act, nor is it confined to women. Some men simply like to finger their anuses while masturbating in order to heighten the pleasure obtained from self gratification.

Other men are not interested in fingering themselves, but are very interested in playing with their partners' vaginas. In this case, fingering is used either independently during foreplay or together with oral sex.

Homosexual men make extensive use of anal fingering because it is far easier to reach and stimulate the partner's prostate gland with a finger than using the penis. Also, fingering is less restrictive from the point of view of positions and can be used when the partners are facing each other, although it is somewhat more difficult in this position.

Straight men and women use fingering as part of the foreplay or during mutual masturbation sessions. Fingering can be performed with one finger, while focusing on the clitoris, the vagina or the anus and also in the "Shocker" version, featuring two fingers in the vagina, one in the anus and the thumb on the clitoris.

However, this extended use of the fingers should only be attempted by experienced lovers. If you cannot get the hang of it, do not hesitate to use the fingers of both hands, which should give you far better coordination.

Fingering is considered part of the safe sex practices list because it cannot cause pregnancies and it does not carry STIs, as long as some basic precautions are observed. Fingers should always be clean and nails should always be cut short because the vagina and anus are very sensitive spots that can be easily scarred or cut.

Lovers should also think of using adequate protection if there are any cuts or open lesions on the finger or inside the vagina or anus; latex gloves can be put to good use in such cases. It's never a good idea to move one finger from the anus to the vagina or to the mouth. We have all seen this in porn movies, but trust us: it's not a good idea. If you are done with the anal stimulation for the session, you would do best to wash your hands or to keep a bottle of antiseptic wash.

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