Sensual Massage | Massage Her Private Parts Starting With Outer Lips

Sensual Massage | Massage Her Private Parts Starting With Outer Lips

Adult Massage | Building Love, Tenderness & Trust Instead Of Sex.

This is the kind of massage that fits in perfectly with a romantic dinner by candlelight. Wine her, dine her and then surprise her with a massage that is all about her and her body. Forget about your problems and worries and focus on making her feel hot and sexy.

Sensual massage takes a good long time and it features a lot of nudity and also a lot of touching in the most intimate places. It's not the kind of massage you give to just anybody because it's supposed to inflame passion, awaken the senses and end with a satisfying orgasm.

You will probably want to bring out the romantic CDs, candles and incense, along with some clean towels, the massage oil and a clean sheet which is bound to get quite messy at the end of the whole thing.

Start by massaging softly in order to help your lover relax and get into the mood. Tease her a bit, but don't go directly for the breasts and vagina. Take your time and focus on long, languid strokes during which you also rub your body against hers. Find your rhythm and make sure you don't leave out any part of her body.

When you finally reach the most important part of the massage, don't go for it like a maniac. Keep the same rhythm and don't forget to ask for permission first.

Some people don't appreciate that level of attention and might feel uncomfortable. Start by asking her how she feels and if she's enjoyed the massage so far and then ask her if she wants you to go further. Massage her private parts starting with the outer lips and finishing with the clitoris and G-spot. If you're both into toys, use a vibrator on her vagina; she won't mind.

Erotic Massage

This is the delightful kind of massage that always ends with a good orgasm and a cool, relaxed mood. The purpose of this massage is to maintain the state of arousal as long as possible before allowing nature to take over and put an end to the show.

Men suffering from premature ejaculation can really benefit from an erotic massage because it can teach them to maintain a certain level of arousal without ejaculating. Others may want to use this massage as a kind of foreplay or as a way of enhancing the mood and of increasing the physical awareness of both lovers.

You may want to get your hands on a couple of CDs that are less romantic and more stimulating; more like Billie Myers than Great Chill Out Music volume 4 or whatever. Use scented massage oil and make sure it's something really spicy, not particularly relaxing.

As always, don't start with the genitals, but take your time and give a good all around massage. Then, focus on the pelvic muscles and bring them the welcome relaxation that will allow your lover to stay aroused and yet relaxed for a long time. Whisper into her ear how much you want her.

End the massage with a direct assault upon the main target. Don't rush; if you've been taking things slowly thus far, don't spoil the mood now. Do a thorough job and remember that a prolonged and powerful orgasm is better than a three-second rush to the head. Save the rush for spontaneous sex in the park.

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