Anal Sex Positions | Allows Deep Penetration And Lot Of Vigorous Thrusting

Anal Sex Positions | Allows Deep Penetration And Lot Of Vigorous Thrusting

Her First Anal Sex | Leapfrog Position Allows Deeper Penetration Than Doggy Style

Due to its nature, anal oral sex is somewhat more restrictive in the number of sexual positions than vaginal pussy sex.

There's not much room for improvement and imagination, mainly because of the fact that the human anus does not allow comfortable penis penetration from many angles. For the most part, anal sex positions require a bed or some kind of soft surface on which the two lovers can perform hardcore sex.

Sofas and armchairs and also good options, while adventurous lovers have probably concluded by now that the floor is not so bad either.

You should probably try out all these sexual position and see which you like best and which locations are best suited for them. The most popular sex position for anal sex would have to be the well-known doggy sex style.

A great sex position for the men because it gives them a highly erotic view of the anus and woman vagina at the same time, while the upturned cheeks are practically begging for kisses and caresses.

Women also like this position because it allows deep pussy penetration and a lot of vigorous thrusting. If both lovers are into sporty sex, then this position is perfect for you, although you probably know it already.

A version of the doggy style is the leapfrog position. The difference lies in the fact that the receiving partner does not use the hands for supporting the weight of the body, but instead the head and torso are resting on the bed. Thus, the head and torso are lower than the hips. The man is entering the anus from behind, in a kneeling position.

One of the best things about the leapfrog position is that it allows even deeper sex penetration than the doggy style and also lets the man play with the woman's clitoris for even more pleasure than you thought possible. The classic missionary position can also be adjusted to suit the needs of anal sex. The lady lies on her back and pulls her knees toward her chest in order to expose the anus.

This position is somewhat more difficult than those based on penetration from behind because the weight of the body presses down on the rectum, although the anus itself is more relaxed than in the doggy style position. A very good idea is to place a pillow or a rolled up blanket under the lady's hips in order to raise her entire pelvic area.

Another easy position that allows the woman to relax is spoons. This position features the man lying on his side with the knees bent, while the woman lies on her side, with her back pressed into his front, the legs slightly parted, the knees bent and the hips tilted to one side. This is a great position because the two sex partners can cuddle and caress each other during sex.

The man has very good access to the woman's breasts and clitoris and can also kiss her neck and shoulders. Penetration should be easy and the man has great control over speed and thrust power. Finally, the two lovers can also try the woman-on-top position. This is recommended to a certain extent to couples who are less experienced at anal intercourse because it gives full control to the woman.

She can decide the intercourse speed and also the depth of penetration. By slowly pushing her anus down onto the waiting penis, the woman can give herself all the time needed to relax the backside muscles. However, one should still be careful because prolonged squatting can easily tire the leg muscles.

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